Our contractors, businesses that bring work to OBI, trust us to complete their contracts in a professional, timely manner while producing a quality product at a competitive, market rate. Contractors allow us to provide a multitude of vocational opportunities to the adults we serve in our warehouse setting. Our emphasis is on packaging, assembling and distribution contracts including but definitely NOT limited to the following services:

Packaging Assembly Binding Operations Additional Services
Shrink Wrapping
Heat Sealing
Mechanical Assembly
Notebook Assembly
Bench Assembly
Basket Assembly
Gift Assembly
Hand Assembly
Collate, Fold & Insert
Label Application
Stapling, Banding &
Wafer Seal Application
Vinyl Letter Application
Poster Rolling
Pick-up and Delivery
Coupon Delivery

In FY15, we fulfilled contracts for 37 local and national businesses.

Please call Rod Corbin, our Director of Operations, at 410.787.0700 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for estimates and more information about contracting with OBI.


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