Patrick by a stack of dishes working at Friendly’s.As an employer that hires individuals from our program, you reap the benefit of having employees who are dedicated and committed with extremely positive and enthusiastic attitudes. These adults are an inspiration, motivating others in the work place to be better employees and citizens in our community.

When placing an individual in a work environment, we focus on the capabilities and skill set as well as the person’s interests. We are creative in finding opportunities that will maximize the adult’s potential while benefiting a business.  We develop partnerships with employers in retail settings, fast-food restaurants, production and manufacturing, schools, government offices, service organizations and high-tech firms. These are just examples of the numerous types of placements we seek to provide opportunity for the adults we serve. Presently, we have nearly 200 individuals working for nearly 80 employers in the community.

Some of the adults at OBI work better in enclaves, a group of individuals supervised by a job coach. We have been so successful with our cleaning enclave, handling the daily upkeep of our building, that this group is now contracted by businesses in the community. Likewise our lawn crew that is responsible for grooming the OBI property has become a business entity for OBI with three enclaves providing lawn care services throughout Anne Arundel County. Enclaves also have been a benefit to many local manufacturing and packaging companies.

To learn more about becoming an OBI employer, please call Theresa Inkrote, our Director of Employment Services, at 410.787.0700 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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