OBI receives a per diem for each individual we serve from the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA). This funding allows for the basics but is through the community’s generosity to our designated funds that we are able to develop and advance our program. When making a gift to OBI consider specifying one of the following funds:

Annual Fund

Unrestricted donations to OBI’s Annual Fund allows us to use your contributions in areas of need. With the downturn of the economy and a tight state budget, we have been able to use your generosity to help offset our operational expenses which enables us to continue our mission of providing services to so many in our community with developmental disabilities.

Endowment Fund

Our Endowment Fund has grown to nearly $175,000. It is through our investment that has helps secure our future growth and advancement to serve the growing demand of services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Program Fund

Directing your contributions to our Program Fund enables us to develop our existing programs or create new ones to advance and promote the amazing capabilities and talents that we have at OBI.

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