Leslie with a weed wacker working on the OBI grounds.At OBI, we personalize our services to address the specific needs, interests and capabilities of the adults we serve. Each individual is supported by a nurturing, dedicated team made up of our direct care staff, supervisors, family members and caregivers. This team reviews the individual’s vocational goals, therapies and overall support plan. Our emphasis is on personal choice, to encourage our adults to decide what type of work they like and dream of doing. We then help them find a job either in our warehouse setting or in community employment that fits their personality to enable them to be productive, community citizens.

Program Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


Our fleet of handicapped-accessible vans and busses pick up the adults we serve at their homes between 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. and bring them either to OBI or drop them off at their job site. From 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., we return them to their homes.

OBI Application For ServicesOBI Application For Services

Program Services

  • Warehouse Operation
    In our warehouse, we fulfill packaging, assembling and distribution contracts for local and national businesses. This type of work enables the adults we serve to participate in meaningful work while earning wages for their productivity no matter what their level of capability. These contracts bring joy and fulfillment to the individuals working in the warehouse and they serve as a stepping-stone that can lead to independent work in the community.
  • Employment Services
    OA client workingur Employment Services (ES) Program helps individuals obtain and advance in competitive, community employment. Our ES staff assists these adults in identifying the type of work they like, in polishing interview skills and techniques as well as providing guidance in acceptable work behaviors. Once initial job training is complete, our staff provides ongoing support. At OBI, we focus on an individual’s capability so truly the sky is the limit for achievement. The range of job and career opportunities extends from retail businesses, to fast-food restaurants, to production and manufacturing, and even to office operations in government agencies or in high-tech firms. Depending on the skill level, individuals will be placed in either individual or group employment settings. Our goal is always to help our adults maximize their potential to lead fulfilling lives.
  • Job Development
    Our Job Development Area (JDA) provides a more intense level of training in a structured and individualized environment. The adults participating in this program need specialized guidance and direction while being challenged to be more independent.  This hands-on training provides these individuals with meaningful work experiences that might not otherwise be possible.
  • Recreation & Leisure
    Our Recreation and Leisure Program provides social activities for the adults we serve. Participants enjoy arts and crafts, music and dancing, field trips, baseball, volleyball and basketball games and other activities that nurture a sense of community. All individuals can participate on a daily basis or opt to participate only in selected activities.

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